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Posts from ‘February, 2011’

best way to boost self confidence? teen?

ive always been really shy and lacked self confidence – even on my school reports, every single year my teachers have written about me lacking self confidence, i mostly am shy and insecure because of the way i look, i think im also afraid of what people think of me when i give my opinion […]

Low self esteem issues?

Ok i have a very very low self esteem, mainly because of my parents and school. These are some examples: My parents are divorced Ive been cheated on recently My mom blames me for her obesity Im Dissapointed in myself I dont have many friends I cant keep a stable relationship, why idk I do […]

Why are women with low self-esteem sometimes promiscuous? Please help?

This question is relevant to how my girlfriend (who’s in her early 20s)–we’ve been together for one year–used to act before we got together. She used to make-out with random guys at bars (and she used to kiss or lick just about anybody), flirt with just about anybody, and have *** with guys that she […]

How do I deal with depression and low self esteem?

Allow me to tell you a bit about myself. I’ve had depression for about a year now, and it’s been hell living with it. I have been visiting my psychiatrist and psychologist regularly, but I feel we have made little, gradual, slow progress. I cannot sleep well at night, my confidence to confront everyday problems […]