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Posts from ‘March, 2011’

I have very low self-esteem. How can I help this?

I have extremely low self-esteem. It all started in about 5th-6th grade, and I’m in a freshman in high school now. It is really starting to bug me. In about 6th grade I started feeling extremely self-conscious about everything. I became very antisocial, and I would just feel horrible all the time. I thought that […]

How to cope with low self-esteem in a relationship?

I find that my low self-esteem is probably the cause of 90% of my confusion, sadness, and frustration in our relationship. When I’m not with him I’m constantly trying to analyze the things he has done. It is enough to literally drive me crazy. I also find that I am constantly disappointed in things that […]

Does this girl have low self esteem?

I am wondering if my friend has low self esteem. She is a very competitive and independent woman. But I am not sure if she has low self esteem. She has many friends (most of them guys) and has said that she really does not get along with girls at all. SHe has had many […]

Simple ways to lose weight and tone my tummy?

Okay, I’ve run into a big problem. I made a big move about 8 months ago, and went from being very active, to hardly active at all. When I moved to NY, I had to trash my car, because I didn’t have near the money needed to fix it. So, I have not been able […]