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Posts from ‘April, 2011’

How does your faith address the causes and symptoms of insecurity?

It seems to me the greatest cause for insecurity is low self-esteem, tho’ survivors of trauma may also suffer from a sense of insecurity. The symptoms seem to fall into two categories: a feeling of inadequacy and/or a need to lash out at others. How does your faith deal with people suffering from these problems? […]

i have low self esteem and ive been rejected by 3 girls in one night that i added to my msn from a dating site

im tryin to reach out to them, form some relashionships, but i cant make it work, my clingyness, insecurities, neediness, urge for intamacy is always getting in the way and ruining things…i have incredable low self esteem im 29 and im tired of bein lonely and isolated and desperate, what can i do? Asked by:∫e […]

Very low self esteem and ****?

so my self esteem is very low,and i have asked m boyfriend millions of times not to watch porn,It makes me feel as if im not enough for him and he wants me to look like a pornstar which i never will. But yesterday i went through his ipod and there was ****.He knows how […]

what are some ways to improve my self-esteem?

I dont know how to improve my self-esteem. It would help me so much bc im always down on my self and I **** my self for it. Asked by:1/3rd a