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Posts from ‘May, 2011’

How do I help my friend solve his low self esteem without any professional aid? Where do I start? Any tips?

I am worried about the health of one of my best friends. He has always had very low self esteem in every sense of the word and lately it is getting worse. I found out about 3 months ago that he had been going into *** orientated chat rooms (bi/gay/trans-gendered/straight) and arranging to meet them […]

what are ways that can boost my self-esteem and confidence?

my self-esteen and confidence is about –10000000.9% so yeah, i have like NONE at all. people say im pretty and they say nice things about me but i just don’t believe them. how can i boost my self-esteem and confidence about myself? can anyone help…? please….? Asked by:

What do you think are some ways to boost self esteem?

Well, I asked a question regarding my low self esteem recently because lately, my self-hate has just bothered me and interfered with my life, alongside other issues. An answer I received stated that volunteering for community service and giving to others help raise one’s self esteem. Would you agree? The problem is, I know who […]

Why did I have low self-esteem?

I struggled with low self-esteem since high school. I sort of lost my identity. Why? What did I do? What causes some to always believe in themselves and others to falter? Asked by:Tumultuous Peace