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Posts from ‘June, 2011’

My friend has LOW SELF ESTEEM *help me out* ?

Okay. My friend Elle has very low self-esteem; i personally think she is attractive but she doesn’t believe in herself. There is a local pageant going on where i live and i really think she should join. Here’s a description of what she looks like. (im not going to post a pic. of her because […]

low self esteem?

I have depression anxiety and low self esteem as well sometimes i feel like im not normal because i dont have anything good going for me in life im currently staying with someone i dont feel like this all the time but i do have those times were i feel ugly and dont like how […]

i have really low self-esteem how can i get over it?

im 15 years old and i have a really low self esteem. idk what it is but i worry so much about what people think of me.someone just always has to point out every little flaw in boyfriend says im very beautiful and that they’re jealous but it jus doesnt help.i honestly feel like […]

What are sign of low self esteem? does she have this? 10 pt.s?

iv been dating my girlfriend for about 2 and half months. everything is going great but i cant help to wonder if she has low self esteem. signs im going by: she always wears revealing clothes that don’t match her personality she constantly talks about boys in the past who were in love with her […]